Tale of the tidy desk

Been thinking about a few ideas, how to implement them. The thought journey also took me to self introspection too.

Looking at my desk, well… looks like a gorilla lurched a mess onto it.

messy desk

Determining that clear, sound thought and process were prerequisites in order to continue, I decided to tidy my desk.

What an amazing opportunity, once I started… I could not stop!
Cleaned the desk, my chair, the floor, packed the dishwasher, started doing more than I bargained to do. It was as if a do-demon had possessed me.

cleaning chair

Also noticed that my thoughts changed, my quality levels increased.
Feeling super human, decided to opt for proper coffee – instead of the lazy instant variety.

real coffee vs instant

Happy to report that my desk has transformed into a zen like state… now for the rest of the place!

tidy desk


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