Growing your linkedin from 0 to 60 in 3 days

Starting something new? Looking to get the message out there?
Or just want to start to build your network? One great place to start is linkedin.

So thinking like a military general, where does one start?
Strategy, tactics and gaining supremacy like Hannibal.

One of the areas we can gain most advantage is a little known academic field called network science. Indeed, this is not just how to connect various computers, but it’s a real science of networks.

Given that linkedin is a network, here are some tips to apply the science:

  1. Find people you already know, this can be existing friends, work colleagues or fellow students.
  2. Find old school mates that you went to school with. The fastest route to finding those old pals is, to look at the graduation date (your same graduation year).
  3. Find an interest and speak to people you have never met in person, a great idea is to join a interest group. A simple way to find one is Meetup. When meeting people you like, provide your linkedin URL and ask to link to them.
  4. From the above people finding strategies, there are bound to be people who join. Once they have joined, look at their connections and see if there is anyone you know and connect to them.
  5. Look for the “super” nodes (Degree Centrality), these are people who have the most connections. These people will help you find more links and others to find you.
  6. Do the above at the start of the week, typically aim to do this before Tuesday morning. From my experience mid-week seems to be a period where people have a breathing space and look at their network and messages.

Hope this helps, I’ve found that this is a great way to start to build a network.

If you have additional ways to grow your linkedin network in which you have benefited, please add a comment or a link to you blog post.


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