21 century way to conquer the world

It’s rather nostalgic to think back to the “good” old days, when people had to build huge factories, install machines, create assembly lines and then set people to work. All ready, all following.

We are so, so fortunate not having to be stuck on an assembly line (by choice) and worried about being fired for taking a break (below photo: 1951 Plymouth Assembly line – Alden Jewell).

1951 Plymouth Assembly Line

Rather, the way we live now, in these even staggeringly “better” days is awesome! One can simply harmoniously procure technology, services and skills. The possibilities and opportunities are endless. There are no limits, no physical boundaries and so many opportunities to explore. One does not need to be fixed to one spot, can travel and even stop to take a break at our own free will.

Here is what I’m starting out with these days, a laptop and phone. Mind you the laptop is 3 years old and the phone rather new, but in essence I like every one else… can accomplish anything I want to.


It’s fantastic to begin, to start and find joy in creating and building things. To be alone and/or to collaborate with others, all in all, each of us takes part in a new great progress.

But there is a true cost because one requires extra portions of focus and discipline to get stuff done. There isn’t anybody minding you, no-one telling you what to do (who needs that anyway)… but if you like what you are doing, then those portions come free!

If you are or have started out, give me a shout out and promote you blog, website or app in the comments below.


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