How to repot a cactus

My mom always told me “god helps those, who help themselves” and with influences like these, one simply learns to crack on and get things done. I had a problem, procured this little buddy cactus and wanted to repot it. Trouble is, this isn’t just a normal plant you move from one hole to the next.

So how do you go about repotting a cactus? (without getting yourself hurt or hurting the cactus during the process). I asked on Twitter, but either everyone’s robots were broken or it was just Saturday. I tried Instagram too, perhaps it was just not cool enough.


Our little friend the cactus has quite a large root system. Simply turning the plant upside down to shake it out, will not work. Taking matters into my own hands I followed these simple steps:

Step 1.
Turn the cactus on it’s side (best to do this on newspaper – you don’t want to trash your place). Being in Switzerland a Swiss army knife comes in handy all the time, cut off the bottom of the cactus plastic pot. Take care not to cut off the roots.


Step 2.
Find a something to protect your hand AND the cactus. A rag, towel or old shirt – I opted for something more thicker like the floor cleaning cloth. Push the cactus out from the bottom of the plastic pot, while holding the cactus with your chosen “hand protector”.


Step 3.
Repot the catus into the new pot. Simply hold onto the cactus with your “hand protector”, hold the bottom of the cactus roots and soil, guide these into the new pot.


And you are done! Now your cactus can make new friends next to the other plants, sporting its new bottom. Both you and your new cactus should feel at home.


I also found these other resources on YouTube. I prefer the more simpler approach from Attila Kapitany, he seems more pragmatic and this suites my given circumstances.

However, Jeff Pavlat has more of the “tooling” and gives some great safety and soil advice. Either way both are worth watching. Thanks to the both of them.

Hope this helps, if you have another way – please post it in the comments below.


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