Evolutionary like & follow

Been thinking about liking and following, it’s interesting how this behaviour has effected society so much. Just look around you for a moment… people, all staring at their mobile phones. At the bus stop, train station, airport, school, university, work and I’ve even seen entire families looking at their devices at the restaurant table – simply, OMG amazing.

But I think it is time to step back for a moment, wonder about all this… take it all in. You see, it’s so very easy to get caught up in all this – without thinking about it. Everyone’s doing it, so this is what I should be doing. Really?

I was fortunate to grow up in the 90’s. During this period everything everyone did or said, encouraged society to be individuals. Even TV ad’s got with it, see below how the Sprite ad changed from “be yourself” to “like”.

There is no issue regarding liking and following, I think society having information and sharing information is a truly wonderful thing. The thing is, we just seem to be doing this like-like-follow-follow behaviour automatically. For example, someone likes something you have posted, then you feel obliged to like what they posted. Someone follows you, again you feel obliged to follows them. But this seems crazy.

Personally, I really want to hear from other people on social media. I think people are fascinating, what we do, what we invent, what we like and dislike… it’s all interesting. But we have a choice, do we always need to reciprocate? Must we be obliged to like or follow back? Does this not dilute the quality of our lives?

I’ve decided to use an evolutionary thinking about who/what I follow, so starting from today I’m going to follow 1000 people only, that’s right 1000. I’ve only got so much bandwidth and I don’t want to follow things that are not interesting. If you have something to say, say it, be yourself, be authentic – you are great as you are.

However, I’ve seen all the tactics. You know… someone follows you for a couple of days, then ditches you after you have followed them. Or they like 3+ items to get your attention. Or they flood you using their feed with multiple posts/images. If you want to try something, great – but if your intention is to manipulate, everyone will see it. So be authentic, make efforts but don’t fuck up your feed. What is all this… trying to create followers business anyway?

The world is fascinating and interesting. I don’t care if you like or follow me. I don’t care if you’re a certain race or colour, straight or LBGT, normal or extreme, anarchist or capitalist, profane or profound, shallow or deep – but I do care about what you have to say and I want to hear from you. I’m so open-minded. Just be who you are (someone will like you).

Back to the 1000, this will be 1000 people I follow at any given point. Over time I will only keep 1000, replacing and keeping… greatness. This way, I get to follow 1000 people who I think are providing great information. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, so don’t be offended if you’re not in my 1000.

So go ahead, make someones day, be as you are, stay true to yourself and be authentic, there is no need to try so hard.

After-all there is the news (and I don’t own a TV).


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