I’m a software developer figuring things out, sharing posts I hope are useful, as well as looking for information or improvements on these subjects.

huge.man.e is a combination of things, “huge” is my nickname, you guessed it – I’m a “man”. The letter “e” is the first letter of my first name to which my nickname is derived.

But all combined refer to a huge.mane. Hence the image of the Jack Russell Terrier – the dog wants to be more (perhaps it thinks it has a huge mane, that of a lion). This dog was initially bred for hunting, is considered to be curious and playful. And as I’m curious and hunting for info… all these traits seem most appropriate.

I like the ideas of doing things for the sake of learning, curiosity and progress. Autodidacticism, hacking and punk cultures appeal to me because of their can-do attitude.

Don’t punks look better with huge manes?

Here’s my about me page.